Project Highlights

HORUS’ customer-centric approach focuses on delivering the right-size solution. Through our distinct IRIS engagement process, HORUS maintains the integrity of all projects through all life cycle phases. From assessment and analysis, to solution design and implementation, clients have peace of mind - before, during, and after – we deliver their product.


HORUS partners with their Clients to maximize communications and create an environment for success.

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Maximizing Return on Investment THE DEPARTMENT OF THE TREASURY

HORUS exploits use of existing hardware and software, implements automation, and standardizes platform technologies to maximize the Clients’ return on investment.

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Providing Timely Deliverables Health & Human Services

HORUS uses domain knowledge, technical skill, and innovation to achieve timely and successful completion of project deliverables.

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Architecting Efficient Solutions Security Department of Homeland Security

HORUS develops and enhances solutions architectures to maximize return on investment, data availability, and user satisfaction. HORUS dedicated itself to modernizing the VISA Overstay Tracking System by finding the most cost efficient solution.

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Delivering Innovation

HORUS thinks outside-the-box to create applications and features that are thought to be impossible. HORUS integrated IBM’s Watson technologies into client’s business applications.

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