Development, Modernization and Enhancements (DME)

Throughout DME projects, HORUS knows it is very important to choose technology that delivers value with respect to needed functionality, cost, and benefits. We base system modernization efforts on engagement-needs and alignment with client standards and processes. We actively communicate with our Clients to ensure we are up-to-date on any changing needs and the Client is up-to-date on any new challenges. We use both (Agile) SCRUM and Kanban to quickly deliver new functionality. We use traditional development methodologies when required by the Client or the project.


The areas where we apply our expertise include (but are not limited to):

  • Enterprise Solutions Development and Implementation

  • Enterprise COTS Implementation and Upgrade

  • Cloud Implementation and Enhancements

  • DevOps Development and Implementation

  • Mobile Applications Development and Implementation

  • System and Application Modernization

  • Sustaining and Enhancing Systems deployed world-wide

  • User Experience / 508 compliance

Providing Effective Communications Department of the treasury

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Providing Timely Deliverables Department of Health & Human Services

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Our Client interactions are equally as important as the quality of our work.