IRIS… Our Flexible and Scalable Framework

Investigate, Review, Implement, Status (IRIS)

The IRIS Framework allows HORUS to quickly understand the business needs, develop a clear path to a solution, implement the solution, then monitor the implementation.

IRIS is a framework that allows us to successfully and efficiently meet the needs of the organization. The framework contains a series of processes which we apply to a given project. The IRIS framework also produces a tight knit partnership between HORUS and the Client. HORUS works closely with the Client during each phase of the IRIS framework to garner feedback and quickly adjust to the Client’s changing needs.

Identify Business Goals
Review Current Processes
Assess Architecture & Systems
Analyze Potential Solution Paths


Work with the Client to create effective communications, develop an understanding of the current baselines and needs, gain an understanding of both short and long term goals, and review the requirements.

Develop potential solutions with respect to goals and long term costs.

Define Roadmap & Product Backlog


Review the solutions with the Client.

The Client will approve a solution. Together, HORUS and the Client will develop a release strategy.

Deliver Solution/ AGILE Development


HORUS will develop the solution.

HORUS engages the Client during development and testing to ensure the solution is intuitive, user friendly, and satisfies the requirements. Upon Client approval, HORUS deploys the Release.

Monitor & Address


HORUS monitors the operational system on a daily basis and reports all findings to the Client.

HORUS will identify areas for improvement with respect to performance, security, and functionality.

Providing Effective Communications - Department of the Treasury

Our Client interactions are equally as important as the quality of our work..

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