Project Highlights

Providing Timely Deliverables Health & Human Services

HORUS uses domain knowledge, technical skill, and innovation to achieve timely and successful completion of project deliverables.

HORUS performed an end-to-end system modernization that processes, tracks, and manages billions of dollars annually. The HORUS team analyzed the requirements, researched industry standards, and documented multiple solution options. HORUS presented the options, HHS approved a solution, and HORUS built the solution using a modern technology stack consisting of a MongoDB document Database, Node.js application server, Open Source JavaScript frameworks, JSON, HTML5, CSS, and Nginx web server. HORUS developed 150 online forms varying in complexity and length. Some forms are over 300 pages long and many forms include complex business rules and mathematical computations. HORUS supported purchasing equipment, maintaining older hardware, updating and monitoring systems, performing software development and testing, and repairing the architecture.


The project required:

  • Expert technology skills

  • Superior time management

  • Accurate risk assessment

  • Strategic planning and analysis

  • Proactive prioritization of tasks

  • Enhanced communication and collaboration

  • Highly efficient troubleshooting


HORUS prioritized milestones, developed a realistic approach by negotiating the planning process, and put together a work plan which resulted in completing the proof of concept in 3 months, 9-15 months earlier than competing Contractors had forecast.

To date, the HORUS Team has completed all deliverables within the agreed upon schedule.


We deliver Client success using our IRIS process

The IRIS process ensures a comprehensive understanding of the business goals and culminates in delivering a successful solution meeting the client’s needs.

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