Project Highlights

Delivering Innovation A Large Insurance Company

HORUS thinks outside-the-box to create applications and features that are thought to be impossible.

Our customer relies on large-scale cloud computing infrastructure for daily mission-critical operations. HORUS provided a team of cloud experts to develop a strategy, architect, design, develop, test, and deploy both DevOps and Business applications. We developed the DevOps application using Microsoft Azure Cloud Services and APIs. The operations and maintenance staff used the Services and APIs to provision and deploy their business applications, monitor the health of the infrastructure, and support system level audits. HORUS successfully developed Business applications including modernizing our customer’s public website sales applications by integrating state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence (AI) services using IBM’s WATSON to implement Digital Virtual Assistance. HORUS enhanced the B2B architecture used to communicate with our customer’s business partners.


Our Clients require:

  • An architecture that supports enhancement and modernization of cloud technologies

  • An architecture that supports data exchange with business partners

  • Artificial Intelligence capabilities

HORUS successfully architected a cloud strategy and infrastructure that facilitated the use of artificial intelligence services.


We deliver Client success using our IRIS process

The IRIS process ensures a comprehensive understanding of the business goals and culminates in delivering a successful solution meeting the client’s needs.

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