Project Highlights

Architecting Efficient Solutions Department of Homeland Security

HORUS develops and enhances solutions architectures to maximize return on investment, data availability, and user satisfaction.

The VISA overstay tracking system is used by DHS/ICE for national security. During this modernization project HORUS provided a range of support services to Planning and Technology Support Services including defining the complete technical solution including hardware and software architecture, design, and data migration plan. HORUS defined the most appropriate foundational elements and building blocks for system modernization based on ongoing business needs and DHS/ICE technical standards and processes. The architecture required careful alignment of current and future requirements as well as O&M needs with the most cost effective set of supporting products, technologies, design, and processes. DHS/ICE also needed to process a higher volume of information, produce statistics, respond to Congressional inquiries, and deliver annual metrics.


Our Clients require:

  • A cost effective solution

  • An architecture that supports current and future needs

  • Seamless integration of new products and technologies

  • Thorough understanding of DHS processes

  • Extensive coordination with other components within the organization

DHS presented HORUS with an official Certificate of Appreciation recognizing their four years of dedication and valuable contributions to the project.


We deliver Client success using our IRIS process

The IRIS process ensures a comprehensive understanding of the business goals and culminates in delivering a successful solution meeting the client’s needs.

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